5 ways a loft conversion is better than external extensions

Extending your home space is always a great thing. Homeowners build external extensions around their homes in the hopes of adding some extra usable place. The problem is, not only is it going to take a chunk of land around your home, it is also way too pricey.

But there is a great alternative.

A loft conversion. A loft conversion gets you that extra space you need but at a significantly lower and reasonable price. It involves remodelling and renovating your loft so that it will be habitable and definitely useable. A loft conversion is often a better choice than adding external home extensions. Loft conversions come in multiple different styles, to see which is right for your home visit the Clapham loft conversion company website.

While adding external home extensions gets you the amount of space you want, it involves more labour, planning, and building permits. Loft conversion in the other hand takes an already set-up but ultimately useless space below your house’s roof and transforms it to a notably meaningful asset in your home.

A loft conversion is superior to external extensions in many ways. Here are 5 reasons for these.

– It is incredibly cost efficient

Yes, loft conversions cost. But the price is much lower than moving out of your house in search of a bigger one or building extensions outside your home. The common way that homeowners do to have additional rooms is to move to another house or build an external extension and this is more costly than converting your loft. One of the conveniences of a loft conversion is you don’t even need to commute thus you avoid spending on a moving truck. Another problem with moving is you might need to travel far from home to your children’s school and even your workplace and I bet you would not want your family to hassle with that kind of experience.

– Boosts your house’s market value

Converting your loft is probably the finest means for investment. Experts claim that it can increase your house value up to £20,876 while having extensions can only add about £16,000 to the value of your property.

– Adds space to your home

One of the reasons why homeowner goes for loft conversions is to have more space for a new room. It’s a great idea if you are planning to have an extra room for entertainment like a mini bar or a gym or even a bedroom perhaps for your growing kids who no longer want to share rooms with siblings.

– You can save energy

Our planet is now severely damaged therefore it is time to conserve energy to help mother earth. With proper loft insulation, you can save energy and also avoid paying a huge amount of electricity bills.

Your roof is one of the major heat outlets in your home. This is where heat escapes. So in insulating your new converted loft, you will be able to effectively regulate your home’s temperature thus resulting in lower energy consumption.

– Brings out your creativity

There are lots of fun perks you can have when converting your loft. One of this is the freedom to choose what type of room your new loft will be. And what designs you can incorporate into your newly created room.

There are both ups and downs in loft conversion and external home extensions. Hopefully, you will be able to see for yourself how a loft conversion is better than an external extension.