5 ways a loft conversion is better than external extensions

Extending your home space is always a great thing. Homeowners build external extensions around their homes in the hopes of adding some extra usable place. The problem is, not only is it going to take a chunk of land around your home, it is also way too pricey.

But there is a great alternative.

A loft conversion. A loft conversion gets you that extra space you need but at a significantly lower and reasonable price. It involves remodelling and renovating your loft so that it will be habitable and definitely useable. A loft conversion is often a better choice than adding external home extensions. Loft conversions come in multiple different styles, to see which is right for your home visit the Clapham loft conversion company website.

While adding external home extensions gets you the amount of space you want, it involves more labour, planning, and building permits. Loft conversion in the other hand takes an already set-up but ultimately useless space below your house’s roof and transforms it to a notably meaningful asset in your home.

A loft conversion is superior to external extensions in many ways. Here are 5 reasons for these.

– It is incredibly cost efficient

Yes, loft conversions cost. But the price is much lower than moving out of your house in search of a bigger one or building extensions outside your home. The common way that homeowners do to have additional rooms is to move to another house or build an external extension and this is more costly than converting your loft. One of the conveniences of a loft conversion is you don’t even need to commute thus you avoid spending on a moving truck. Another problem with moving is you might need to travel far from home to your children’s school and even your workplace and I bet you would not want your family to hassle with that kind of experience.

– Boosts your house’s market value

Converting your loft is probably the finest means for investment. Experts claim that it can increase your house value up to £20,876 while having extensions can only add about £16,000 to the value of your property.

– Adds space to your home

One of the reasons why homeowner goes for loft conversions is to have more space for a new room. It’s a great idea if you are planning to have an extra room for entertainment like a mini bar or a gym or even a bedroom perhaps for your growing kids who no longer want to share rooms with siblings.

– You can save energy

Our planet is now severely damaged therefore it is time to conserve energy to help mother earth. With proper loft insulation, you can save energy and also avoid paying a huge amount of electricity bills.

Your roof is one of the major heat outlets in your home. This is where heat escapes. So in insulating your new converted loft, you will be able to effectively regulate your home’s temperature thus resulting in lower energy consumption.

– Brings out your creativity

There are lots of fun perks you can have when converting your loft. One of this is the freedom to choose what type of room your new loft will be. And what designs you can incorporate into your newly created room.

There are both ups and downs in loft conversion and external home extensions. Hopefully, you will be able to see for yourself how a loft conversion is better than an external extension.

Social Commerce and the Role of Security [Infographics]

Social networks play a very heavy role when it comes to social commerce. Most males are inclined to give out their financial information through the use of social networks due to its engagement. Surprisingly, these males are within higher household incomes.


Meanwhile, as social media activities increase, businesses must invest in tightening up security to ensure brand reliability and products

Can Painting and Decorating Really Increase The Value Of Your Home?

When it comes to selling your home, always keep in mind for you to stand out, you have to really show it off and you can never show it off unless you have given it so much value as both of you deserves. Yes, a home certainly needs to have great value for your prospected customers may be encouraged to acquire it.

For a client’s point of view, they will always see to it that their dream home should be very sturdy especially whenever a strong calamity might come, for some, they would like a house which could be easier to decorate since it can help them show it off to their future guests.

So, how can we make this happen?

There are absolutely a lot of ways that you can do, that includes painting. It is a very simple and easy task to do, especially if you have already decided what kind and colour of paint you will be applying. Painting the home interior is even very cost-effective despite of the fact that a lot of companies are selling it at a very high price because the result of the home improvement with painting can last for a very long time.

You can find a lot of painters decorators London which offers good quality of paint that comes in a very good price. You can even hire them as well to paint your home interior themselves. It is actually a great idea since you will be rest assured that the paint that you have acquired will be applied carefully and without a doubt.

A newly painted home can also give it a clean and updated feel. When choosing for a colour, keep in mind that using neutral colours is very appealing since it can make it very desirable without targeting specific customers as well. For example, when you paint your home with the colour pink, you will be minimising your target market because not all men would prefer this colour, only the women. To be safe, choosing a neutral colour would match both men and women’s preferences.

Decorating your home also improve the value of your home since your customers will really look forward for a great interior design. Decorating is also not as hard as you have imagined it to be, especially if you really know what you want to achieve. If not, you can always find inspiration from the internet or even on decorating and designing magazines. Hiring a designer can also be one of your options, especially when you were able to hire an expert who already had a lot of experience when it comes to this.

If the amount of money or your budget is also a major concern for you, you can always make it as simple as possible but still has that appealing vibe. Also, you have to keep in mind that no matter how much money you have spent, it will always pay off. That is the very reason why, selling a home is always worth the investment.

Preventing Fraud

scamAre you an online seller? Have you experienced paying for something you sold some days ago? Yes, quite frustrating, but such event happens. And sad to say, the only treatment is prevention. Technology advancement provided you with the ease of almost everything – purchasing your groceries, choosing and buying your clothes, shoes and other personal products, upgrading your computer software and other necessities in life. Almost everything can be purchased online with the help of your debit and credit cards. You enter your personal information, card number and code at the back of your card, and you’re good to go. After a day or two, you get your item.

When you eat at a restaurant, you won’t have to worry about bringing money as long as you have your debit or credit card with you. Most business establishments accept credit and debit cards and it is also the most convenient way for most people. However, in the short span that the customer service representative or the waiter held your credit or debit card, you are also entrusting your well-earned money and lifelong savings.

Do you remember the time that you purchased a lot of things for your business only to find out that it did not push through because your bank informed you that the check you issued do not have enough funds. Where did the money go? Imagine beating a deadline to deliver an online purchase order and seeing the payment money on your merchant account only to hear from your bank that you have incurred a back charge. This means only one thing, which every business enthusiast dreads – fraud.

Debit cards are much like similar to a credit card. The only difference is, you don’t make any credit when the card is swiped in debit machines. Instead, your payment for the services or merchandise you availed will be processed by your bank – less work, less paper and less fear of being robbed of cold cash at night.

The benefits are very irresistible that almost 90 per cent of household supplies are purchased through this plastic card. Who would not be? You don’t have to worry about the bulky wallet that you used to bring. Today’s generation of electronic payment and e-commerce brings about such privileges, but along with it comes the downside – scams. Scams are what deceitful business schemes are into. They can range from an innocent click of your mouse to say “yes” to an online advertisement, phishing and skimming.

Online scams through advertisements usually manifest in the pop-ads you receive right after confirming an online purchase. Do not think that the ad you are reading is still connected to the business website you just visited and ordered an item from. It is very easy to learn how to link an advertisement to a business website. It’s what unlicensed programmers and website scams do to fill their time. Phishing, on the other hand is a technique that scams use – the most legitimate indication to suspect that you just entered a fraudulent site.

With phishing, you are being psychologically convinced to give personal information like your mother’s maiden name, social security number and bank account number. The site will make it appear like it is still connected to the site you just visited as mentioned above. When you provide information, another box prompt would appear to ask for additional information claiming it is needed to verify your account. It might be too late before you realize that you have allowed someone to rob you while you work hard for your money.

The term phishing was first described in September 2003 as follows: “E-mail fraudsters register dozens of lookalike domain names, such as yahoo-billing.com and ebay-fulfillment.com. They also create Web sites that contain the names of well-known companies and brands like microsoft.checkinfo.com.” (Kebs, B., New York Post: 2004) Another technique that these scam baiters engage is skimming. This is accomplished while you innocently input your pin code to accept and verify a payment for an actual physical purchase.

These people can be the waiter, the cashier at the department store or the camera that is strategically positioned to get an actual picture of the numbers you encoded. It is true that we can never be too careful. Being aware of your surroundings will help prevent this from happening to you. Keeping an alert state of mind while you are making a purchase online or in a local store will also make scammers think twice. They are very observant people and will take from someone who seems to be unaware of his surroundings or is not thinking clearly. As your mom always tell: “You will not get into trouble if you listen.”


innovationFrom the common, ink and quill, Man has discovered ball pen, then typewriter then the computer. This technological development paved the way for the previous products or instruments to dissipate into the background. Is this what capitalists termed as creative destruction?

“Weak persons have doubts before a decision, strong people has them afterwards.” This is most probably true for most of the entrepreneurs out there. The world’s economy is like a person diagnosed with bipolar psychiatric disorder – extreme manic and extreme depression, never in the middle. This hyperbole, may be somewhat difficult to accept by most people, however, this is reality. Today, you sleep with your stocks at the market secured, tomorrow it may be another day of fighting for it.

You may be one of these brave young and women who venture on their own business, trying to create a name for West London Landscapers (great example) and consequently, a legacy. But what makes these so-called entrepreneurs different from the cautious bourgeois? Is it an awesome Ealing targeted landscaping page for a business website? For one thing, the most basic is bravery or a profound motivation to succeed despite previous failure or faults. Such people may have ventured previously on selling textile paints and now will try their hand with marketing highly scented candles.

This motivation stems from a person’s perception of his capabilities. He believes that if he tries hard enough, he will succeed. Such people tend to look at their past failures as training for the next task. They do not see it as most people do: waste of money or waste of time – instead, they view those experiences as inductive learning. Inductive learning is a method of acquiring knowledge through actual experiences.

No two situations are entirely the same, as well as no two individuals; even identical or fraternal have the same capabilities and talents. Each one is unique in his own, and by this, a simulated environment for the purpose of learning will be enough for one person but the other one may need or ask for a much more realistic experience of things.

It is true that it is difficult to start on your own, make your product click, but through such experiences and endeavors, a person is much more able to learn the secrets of the trade. Experience is the best teacher, many experienced individuals will say and it is quite true. Nothing teaches like an experience. This is the reason why most people will prefer to experience a learning situation first hand than hear it being delivered through seminars and conferences.

In a Communist Manifesto, written by Karl Marx, he elaborately defined the consumer and the capitalist, now known as the entrepreneur. According to him, if product A when compared to product B takes more time before it can be produced and requires intricate human skills, it is also necessary to assign a price for it, double than the price of product B. He also introduced the term creative destruction in the entrepreneur’s process of learning in introducing a new product.

One can say that businessmen and women who willingly forge ahead on an entirely new enterprise despite their previous failure is known to subscribe to the principle of creative destruction. In simple terms, creative destruction is what happens when a new product is introduced to the market. Historically, oil has played the major part of providing light during the night. This is true even in caring for the sick, such as the works of Florence Nightingale’s work – doing her rounds with the aid of an oil lamp.

But when someone introduced the processing of crude oil, wax became the trend. Oil lamps were replaced with candle holders. Centuries gone by, the candle started to evolve and does not function only as a light in case of energy shortage; it now serves as a room freshener in the form of highly scented candles. You no longer landscape just to beautify your garden, people are now looking at it as a source of their fresh picks for the kitchen. This was what Karl Marx was referring to. The discovery of wax, ‘destruct’ the existence of the oil lamp. In order for a better way of doing things, creation of a new product will ensue. And when this happens, the previous one started to disintegrate into the background which is what Marx was referring to as destruction. In the modern society, this process is what we frequently hear as Innovation.

Elements of Corporate Security

securitySecurity is an evasive element in any business. As such, many companies go to measures in order to attain the elements of corporate security.

Security is important in every business. No business establishment will go far without security. There are twelve (12) elements of a corporate security, namely: personnel security, physical security, information security, corporate governance, compliance and ethics programs, crime prevention and detection, fraud deterrence, investigations, risk management, business continuity planning, crisis management and environmental safety and health. These elements are present in any business enterprise with varying degrees.

Personal Security. This is the security that is provided by individuals for themselves. For instance, a business owner will hire additional companions for security purposes if he feels he needs it. On the other hand, he may purchase self-defense weapons like a gun or Taser guns for this purpose alone.

Physical Security. This type of security is synonymous with personal security. But when it comes to business establishments, this pertains to the security of the place or location of the enterprise. The presence of security guards, security cameras and properly installed security locks and pass codes.

Information Security. Information processed on computers that your business establishments have is confidential. This information should be kept private and only authorised persons should have access to it. Hospitals and health establishments that keep personal records and health information should be secured against theft. Information security is provided by a couple of software and standard operating procedures instituted for securing such security.

Corporate Governance. Corporate governance pertains to the major stakeholders of the company. Security is established in businesses by process, laws as well as policies. This is vital to prevent conflict of interests.

Compliance and Ethics Program. This pertains to existing policies regarding proper business transactions. Lawsuits are prevented from complying with these policies. Claims for insurance and health and elderly care services should also be checked for compliance and appropriate license and accreditation.

Crime Prevention and Detection. An example of this is the policy of banks in limiting the number and frequency of deposits to a particular savings account. This is one way of detecting money laundering activities of some individuals.

Fraud Deterrence and Investigations. Deterrence and prevention of fraud are sometimes interchangeably used. With fraud deterrence, the process or operating procedures of the company are reviewed or subjected to applications to an ISO accrediting company. An example of fraud prevention on the other hand is the audit process that certified public accountants do for financial transactions made by business entrepreneurs. An investigation is made when fraud is suspected.

Risk Management, Crisis Management and Business Continuity Planning. Business continuity planning involves new project and program proposals like new products or branch expansion as well as product relaunching activities. Risk management is actually a part of project planning procedures. When a project or program proposal is drafted, it should include foreseeable problems.

With such forecast, possible solutions are also reflected. This is how the risk gets managed by higher management when approving project proposals. When businesses talk about crisis management, this pertains to unforeseen problems that have come up and the troubleshooting process that they initiate to address the problem.

Environmental Safety and Health. This security classification is ensured by all entities within a company. Procedures for reporting an accident, annual medical and physical examination, utilization of tools that prompt bystanders and passers-by on the existence of a construction above their head as well as putting a sign on the wet floor are examples of these.

Starting a Small Business

The main reason you are here is because you are ready to start a small business. It could be for many reasons. You want to augment to a steady income or you are bursting with ideas for a business or you want to be your own boss. Whatever that is, here are tips you need to know from entrepreneurs on starting a business.

Do what you love. Whatever business you want to venture to must have something to do with what you love doing. It makes sense. How can you offer customers something if you don’t know a thing about it or you hate doing it? If you start business based on what you love to do, you will immensely enjoy the tasks of your business. While you’re at it, write down your business plan. Doing this will expend your ideas and avoid the risk of spending too much time and money on a business that will not succeed because of lack of planning.

images (25)

Have a support system. Meet people who understand business startups. Find a mentor who can guide you as you start. Their advices will be invaluable you’ll see. More so, a friend or family member who will listen to your ideas and your ranting is a valuable asset as you start. Furthermore, remember that most entrepreneurs are willing to help one another. So it won’t hurt if you join and be active in a community of entrepreneurs.

Get customers and embrace feedback. Build your clientele. Make a network. Expand your contact lists. Introduce your business with giveaways. Be generous with services you offer. At the same time, have a feedback system and discuss this with your team or staff. Remember that some feedback are precious for the business but some are not worth it.


Multitask but hire for skill. As you are starting, it is natural that most of the tasks have to be done by you, but you do not need to wear yourself out and avoid breakdown by hiring someone who can help you and is good in performing what needs to be done. This way, you can balance your time wisely by creating ideas and putting them to practice.